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Kim's feedback for Norma's text object

Page history last edited by kknight 5 years, 8 months ago

The lure of the Wordle is a powerful one. And I’m quite torn about its use here. You are such a talented writer and I was hoping for something that draws from your own strengths a bit more. But since I’m addressing the text object you did instead of the text object that does not exist, I’ll move on! The Wordle does not do much to give the viewer (notice I did not say “reader”?) much of a sense of the source text with which you are working. Yet, as I said, I’m torn because it allows the text to “speak” for itself, though we may not really understand what it is saying. Your choice of white text on the black background allows the viewer to focus on the words rather than a parade of color, which works well.  I notice you labeled this one “final.” Be sure to review the assignment sheet as revision is part of the grade. If you have an earlier version, I’ll want to see it as part of the portfolio. In this case, given that the Wordle sort of “is what it is,” I would think that a revision strategy might focus on situating the Wordle within a context that amplifies the level of narrativity in the image. Is there a title that would help the reader construct the meta-narrative out of the data? Or could you pair it with images or music to increase narrativity in this way? I look forward to the next version!

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