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Yan, Perry transcript

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»Yan, Perry, Amanda«

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Kim Knight started the chat 48 minutes ago

perry joined the chat 47 minutes ago

Yan Su joined the chat 47 minutes ago

Yan Su: Hello perry

perry: Hey!

Yan Su: Can I ask first? few questions

perry: Yeah go for it!

Yan Su: Since my text content is a story of Indian chefs, I posted their portraits in my image project, Is it necessary to attach their names under the pic?

perry: I think it's pretty clear who each person is. But if you wanted to tie it to your text object, maybe you could have altered images by category? Like if a chef made one dish, then those photos could all have a blue filter, and the pictures with the other chef could have a red filter.

Yan Su: wonderful suggestion

Yan Su: 2. Should the text and the pictures intersperse with each other, or just placed seperately

perry: Because I've read the text, the images make since without it. But if it were someone else, a stronger connection would be necessary.

Yan Su: Make sense. And, some of the pics were taken by me several year ago when I interviewed them, but others were downloaded from the Internet, should I add the links, just like what Amanda did in he project?

Yan Su: her

perry: For credit and copyright purposes, I would maybe suggest it :)

Yan Su: okay

Yan Su: the pixels, exposure, hue of each of my image is a bit different, do you think it necessary to adjust them into the same by photoshop?

perry: If you want to be intentional about the location and meaning, possibly. I really like how the interior of the restaurant has a warm tone. It resonates with the themes of food, cooking, and the attitudes of the chef

Yan Su: okay, thank you!

Yan Su: That's all the questions what I can think of so far, thx for your suggestions

perry: No problem! Was taht all you had?

Yan Su: so far, yeah

perry: Cool. I'll start off with two related questions for mine

perry: Do you think indicating the time on each image is effective? Or would there have been a better way to present this?

Yan Su: Indicating the time by adding watermarks in the middle of each pic is a woncerful choice, while I believe if there's a clock in the picture, for example a clock placed beside the girl, or on the wall next to the subway, on which it showed the time directly, will be more stunning, but finding that kind of pictures may be hard

perry: If you remember my text object, do you think it tells the same narrative or did you interpret the still images differently?

Yan Su: It's basically consistent with your text, but I think if you can place a picture in the end of your image series, in which shows that the woman missed the train because of her procrastination, and feeling extremely regretful, it will be more interesting

Kim Knight: If you haven't already, time to move on to the second project.

perry: @Kim already have :)

Yan Su: what is the second project?

perry: I think she just means move to the next person

Kim Knight: Oh yes, that is what I meant

Yan Su: Amanda's?

Kim Knight: Sorry. Managing 7 rooms at once.

Kim Knight: You guys don't have to do Amanda's since she is not here

perry: For my image object, I chose to alter the colors and give it a purple hue to reflect the girl's mood and allow the user to inter in to what she's feeling. Do you think that was successful?

Yan Su: Extremely good idea. I feel a sense of depression when scanning your images. Cool colors do have this effect

perry: Awesome! Well I think those were the only questions I had. Thanks for your feedback. Did you have any other questions?

Yan Su: No problem! I don't have more questions either. Thank you too

Kim Knight: Okay, well if you guys are done, be sure to save the transcript.

Kim Knight: Any questions for me before you sign off?

perry: I just saved it. I don't have any questions

Yan Su: wait for a minute, let me save the transcrip

perry: Oh. Well are we still doing anything else in the main chat? I can hang around if needed

Kim Knight: No, nothing else. I'll see you next week.

perry: Awesome, see ya!

Yan Su: Done!

Yan Su: thank you, see you!

Kim Knight: Be safe out there!

Yan Su: I'm done, Dr, Knight

Kim Knight: Thanks, Yan. Have a good evening.

Yan Su: You too! Thank you!

Kim Knight: Thanks. Bye!

Kim Knight joined the chat 12 seconds ago


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