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Rashonda Davis's Text Feedback for Chas

Page history last edited by Rashonda Davis 5 years, 9 months ago

To what extent is the text object successful in using the affordances of its platform to communicate? (example: affordances of Twitter: 140-character constraint, hashtags, RTs, @ replies, images, links) How does the medium support the story? What challenges are caused by the platform? What suggestions can you offer for improvement? Is there a better platform for the object?

Let me start out by saying what a creative way to re-imagine a story without changing losing the actual story.  I truly was expecting something else.  


With that said, the text was successful in the context of making a 7-minute clip completely different just in the readers mind. The platform chosen offers a very straight forward viewpoint. Black text on white background. Having the clip helped support the imagery the text provided for me, without having watched the original clip, I would not have appreciated Chas's interpretation. The only challenges I can think of would be if I (or any other reader) did not have access to YouTube and/or could not read. It might be hard to fully understand rearranged portions of Harry Crew’s monologue.


Summarize the narrative in one sentence. In what ways is the text successful at retelling this narrative or invoking narrativity? Are there any places where the narrative or characters are unclear? What strategies can you suggest for improving clarity and/or narrativity?

I am not clear whether I am summarizing the whole piece YouTube clip and script or just Chas's interpretation?  Either way, I would say this was a reflective piece of an aging southerner, retailing history. 


To what extent does the author use language, such as imagery, humor, metaphor, etc. successfully? What are the problem areas? What suggestions can you offer?

He kept all the dialog from the original YouTube clip, so it was easy to "hear" the character. The author added additional imagery such as describing the scenery instead of the camera doing it for me. 


To what extent do digital characteristics, such font choice, color, links, interactivity, and the algorithm, support the narrative? In what ways do they detract? What suggestions can you offer?

By using the standard script format, it made it more powerful. The characters seem more impactful from the method chosen.  But it also takes away, because once I got into the reading, I visualized different physical attributes. 


What general thoughts or suggestions do you have for the author?

I personally feel I could see this developed as a theater or stage piece, nice imagery. 







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