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Chas Culpepper's Feedback for Infamous RDP

Page history last edited by Chas Culpepper 5 years, 9 months ago



To what extent is the text object successful in using the affordances of its platform to communicate? (example: affordances of Twitter: 140-character constraint, hashtags, RTs, @ replies, images, links) How does the medium support the story? What challenges are caused by the platform? What suggestions can you offer for improvement? Is there a better platform for the object?


WordPress is well suited for highlighting Chaplin's influence on film and contemporary culture. The ample page space, customized headings, topic tags, and seamless integration of multimedia assets all work together to tell the tale. One of the strengths of the Wordpress format is that the content, in this case "The Life of A Modern Day Tramp" doesn't have to exist in an isolated vacuum. At the bottom of each page visitors can share the content by simply clicking the share options for Facebook, Google+, etc...In the past, fan sites like these stayed isolated in their own domains.


The medium supports the narrative by parsing each facet of it into different pages, and then by incorporating multimedia assets into that page. E.g. Chaplin's biography, an 'About' page, and then a news roll of sorts in which recent articles about Chaplin are pulled from other sources around the internet.


I think the challenge Wordpress imposes on the work is that in this limited case (within the assignment's intent), the text component of the project should take front and center stage. While overall it does, one could argue however, that Wordpress doesn't offer a "book-like"reading experience in the way that LongForm or Instapaper or Kindle does. So while Wordpress in general is a great platform for telling the story of Chaplin's influence, maybe a more "text heavy," or less multimedia friendly platform would be more technically suited in that regard. 


Summarize the narrative in one sentence. In what ways is the text successful at retelling this narrative or invoking narrativity? Are there any places where the narrative or characters are unclear? What strategies can you suggest for improving clarity and/or narrativity?


Its a bit difficult to summarize the narrative of the work in one sentence as there seems to be a disconnect between the stated purpose of the site in the "About' page, and the totality of the material presented. For example, the "About" page lists two reasons for the site's publication: 1)"Within this class, we are studying how traditional “text” has evolved over the course of history.  I chose to cover one of the biggest stars of the silent era of comedy, Charlie Chaplin."  Here I think it would be helpful if the author elaborated on the connection between the evolution of text and how/why she choose Chaplin (a film star) as an example. And then later in the page 2)  "The goal of this project is to ‘hopefully’ challenge how the silent era of films would have to translate into the era of 140 characters, Vines or post"  That sounds like a really cool idea, but I don't see the connection to what was presented on the site, which mostly consists of biographical info and links to stories about Chaplin's contemporary influence. I'd suggest revising the "About" page to more closely align with the material posted.


I'd also suggest rephrasing the "About Me AKA 'The Biography' " page. Since its labeled "About me" I assumed the page would say something about the author, "Infamous RPD" but the page is actually Chaplin's biography. The About Me header could also be interpreted as "Infamous RPD" is writing in Caplin's voice, and that Chaplin is in essence presenting his page to the reader. However, the bio is written in the 3rd person so its actually neither of these two options.  




To what extent does the author use language, such as imagery, humor, metaphor, etc. successfully? What are the problem areas? What suggestions can you offer?


While Caplin's use of humor, imagery and metaphors is well loved and well documented, I suppose I'd want to hear more from Infamous RPD herself on what makes Chaplin special to her, and how does his performance tie in with the stated goals of the site.


To what extent do digital characteristics, such font choice, color, links, interactivity, and the algorithm, support the narrative? In  what ways do they detract? What suggestions can you offer?


The site is clean, easy to navigate, and very eye-catching. Big, crisp photos of Chaplin put the subject front and center. I like the stylistic contrast between the photo realistic pictures of Chaplin on the main pages and the cartoonish representation of him as the background to the site’s headers. This draws the eye up to the navigation panes and clearly illustrates that there more content available beyond the main page. 


What general thoughts or suggestions do you have for the author? 


Aside from what's stated above, I think it would be helpful to have a page which is devoted to "Infamous RPD"'s interpretation of Chaplin's value. The news reel pulls excellent examples relating to Chaplin's influence but at some point readers will want to know what drew Chaplin to the site's publisher as well.






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