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Chas ATEC 6374

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Twitter: Charles Bryant @ DigitalMorpheme



Tool Reviews

Ommwirter Review:



Write or Die 2





First Drafts:


Text Object First Draft: A screenplay based on the first 2 minutes and the last 30 seconds of a Youtube clip from the documentary "Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus." Link to clip provided in the .pdf below.


Screenplay Terminology Guide:

     EXT. = Exterior shot. The following scene occurs in an outdoors environment.

     INT. = Interior shot. The following scene occurs in an indoor environment.

     V.O. = Voice Over. The speaker is off camera, narrating to the audience.

     O.S. = Off Screen. The action, character, sound effect is occurring outside the audience's vision.

     SPFX = Designates a special effects sequence. 

     SERIES OF SHOTS (AKA 'MONTAGE') = A rapid fire sequence of scenes, usually occurs without narration. 



Text Portfolio v1.pdf  


Image Object First Draft: Text Visualizations.


Imagery Portfolio v1.pdf


Sound Object First Draft:



     In the documentary Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, alt country singer and film maker Jim White tours the backwaters of the American South to explore a culture of poverty and deep moral conviction. The film is interspersed with performances from notable folk music artists. In one clip, musician Melissa Swingle performs “Amazing Grace” on a wood saw. Her rendition of Amazing Grace served as the starting point for this project. 


A recurring theme in Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus is the South’s steadfast refusal to adapt to the hustle and bustle of the modern world.  This is reflected in the ultra-low tech musical stylings of many performers in the film (especially Swingle’s bow playing). Clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G35TIlWXw4


            I wanted to devise a piece that reflected this theme – the intrusion of modernity (e.g. bustling, loud, rock and roll) and the South’s steadfast refusal to accept it. To that end, I choose a sampling of Amazing Grace performed by Father Sleep from The Free Music Achieve.  Father Sleep’s rendition is also extremely low tech – they merely hum the tune. Using Apple’s Garage Band, I overlaid several prefabricated loops which intrude into Father Sleep’s Amazing Grace in 10-20 second intervals. In the middle of the clip, the South “pushes back” with brief banjo riff before succumbing to the inevitable push of modernity, this time from the Drop Kick Murphys, and their rendition of Amazing Grace. 


Moving Image Object First Draft:


     This portion of the portfolio continues to draw upon the documentary Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus as a source for re-imaging digital media. I have taken the original trailer for the film which markets the documentry  as a soulful reflection on country music, Christianity, and poverty in the deep South,  and re-edited it into a new trailer for the fictious horror movie, Rise of the Wrong-Eyed Jesus


     Original Trailer: http://www.searchingforthewrongeyedjesus.com 


     Remixed Trailer: (**Enter Password "Video Object") https://vimeo.com/125610790 


     Using a trailer template from iMovie, I imported shots from the original trailer into this new remix. The disjointed, rapid-fire shots combined with a forbidding soundtrack, completely subvert and alter the aesthetic intent of the original trailer. Slash quotes, a carefully selected audio segment, and a "stinger" at the end of the remix all call upon tried and true tropes in horror movie  advertisements. 





Final Portfolio

Final Portfoloio Total.pdf


Final Paper


Digital Text Final Report.pdf





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