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Sparling's Moving Image Feedback for Jessie

Page history last edited by Amanda Sparling 6 years, 7 months ago

How does the moving image object clearly convey the material that is in the other pieces of the portfolio? Does it fit with the other pieces of the portfolio? If not, what suggestions do you have?

I think the image object aligns well with the other pieces of the portfolio. Jessie continues to make a very compelling argument around gender roles, and the stereotypes facing each gender in america - particularly pointing out the absurdity in the extremes.


To what extent does the moving image object draw upon the variety of signifying tools in video or animation? To what extent do the elements work together harmoniously or in productive discord?

This does a really good idea of incoprorating sounds and moving image together, and pulls a number of commercials targeting young children with color and gender-based stereotypical advertising.


How do the elements specific to moving image enhance the narrativity of the moving image object? Transitions? Cropping? Filters? Movement? Timing? Saturation? Color? Voiceover?

I thought it was really fun to watch, it transitions between a lot of different images and clips - but she uses repetition throughout the moving image object that reinforces the argument in a very entertaining/captivating manner.


How does the organizational strategy of the moving image object convey the narrative or argument? And if there are issues, what suggestions do you have?

It was a very fun object to watch, and I felt that the narrativity was very high. The "organizational" strategy played a large part in the argument as there were obviously clips that were organized together to make a point very well, for instance the shots of the children watching the screens flipping back and forth between the gender role filled imagery and commercials. In particular the expression on the face of each girl as they are watching the barbie commercials and the clips from Cinderella were really great at making the argument.


What suggestions for improvement do you have? Looking back now at all four objects?

Loved it! Great overall, and I think each object fits really well with the next and will come together to make a very strong portfolio.


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