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Tony's Feedback for Lari's Video Object

Page history last edited by Tony Adamo 6 years, 3 months ago

How does the moving image object clearly convey the material that is in the other pieces of the portfolio? Does it fit with the other pieces of the portfolio? If not, what suggestions do you have?

  • I believe that the video does connect well with your other objects. I really liked the video and the other videos that you used to make the points of the story.  


To what extent does the moving image object draw upon the variety of signifying tools in video or animation? To what extent do the elements work together harmoniously or in productive discord?

  • I think that it does draw on some signifiers but I would look into more clear transitions and less abrupt switches to other scenes. There were a few timing issues. A little longer before the cut where he says white house, the word was "house" was cut off and at the end when he says return. Also you need some sound on the amazon burning scene and killer whale part, its to much of a harsh difference.


How do the elements specific to moving image enhance the narrativity of the moving image object? Transitions? Cropping? Filters? Movement? Timing? Saturation? Color? Voiceover?

  • This is where you need more transitions and tighter timing. It is hard to say use color and the elements around that because its a remix. 


How does the organizational strategy of the moving image object convey the narrative or argument? And if there are issues, what suggestions do you have?

  • The video does a great job telling the story of the man, although it does drop all your other writing parts that you did in the essay. I really do enjoy the interruptions with other videos maybe a few more with quick cuts. 


What suggestions for improvement do you have? Looking back now at all four objects?

  • I think it does a good job working with your other objects, I would like to see some part with your writing though to bring in more of your ideas over just retelling the man story part. 



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