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Trevor's Feedback for Amir's Moving Image Object

Page history last edited by Trevor 6 years, 7 months ago

How does the moving image object clearly convey the material that is in the other pieces of the portfolio? Does it fit with the other pieces of the portfolio? If not, what suggestions do you have?


Yes, it does. It shows footage of a nun walking through a town, footage, from news I think, of rebels yelling, and also footage of a newscaster telling about the event. It fits with the other pieces well. 


To what extent does the moving image object draw upon the variety of signifying tools in video or animation? To what extent do the elements work together harmoniously or in productive discord?


The project is a compilation of what appear to be four different video clips: two of a nun walking, one of rebels walking around in a crowd and yelling, and one of a newscaster hosting a news program. There is no animation used, just these four clips spliced together. In light of the story, a nun being kidnapped, they work well together. However, on its own, there is some lack of cohesion between the first two clips and the last two. The last two both concern real news events and follow each other. The first two clips of a nun walking seem slightly out of place. 


How do the elements specific to moving image enhance the narrativity of the moving image object? Transitions? Cropping? Filters? Movement? Timing? Saturation? Color? Voiceover?


This portfolio is of a real event, and so having live footage (of the rebels) and a newscaster speaking about the event gives a better impression that this is a real story. As for special effects, the second video clip has a filter over it that gives it a cel-shaded type look. This neither enhances nor detracts from the experience.


How does the organizational strategy of the moving image object convey the narrative or argument? And if there are issues, what suggestions do you have?


This moving image object works in the same logic as the first three objects: going from the story of the nun walking and then to the violence of the abduction.


What suggestions for improvement do you have? Looking back now at all four objects?


Perhaps more "mood enhancers". For example: in this video object, suspenseful or dramatic music could play, especially in the clips of the nun walking. As for all four objects put together: the text and image objects were stronger than the sound and moving image ones. The sound, like the moving image one, could use a little more "dramatic enhancements", with some suspenseful music being the best addition, for the nun-walking parts, and some dramatic sounds or music for the kidnapping part.

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