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Page history last edited by Jamie Field 6 years, 4 months ago
  • What story does the sound tell? It tells a story about love, fighting, and coming together. It depicts various scenes of the couple fighting to cerebral type moments with the classical music playing in between the voiceovers. 
    • what kind of emotion is conveyed by the sound object? A bunch of emotions. At first it is happy and you are excited, then you hear part of the script and you understand the story line between the couple and nanny, but the background music is eerie so you are a bit worried. There are moments of being calm like listening to the classical music to then being upset, because the couple is fighting and throwing plates and slapping each other. (You did a good job with the sound effects). But like most fights, they are over quick and calm music starts to play again. Then you are introduced to the nanny and the music is happy, the final sound moment you are left with concern because you do not know what will happen....
  • How do different sound or audio qualities enhance or detract from the story?  The different sound puts you in a place/location in China with the classical music. The voiceover allows you to understand the story line with the movie star and nanny. The fighiting sound effects also enhance the story line. 
  • To what extent is the sound object successful in its use of transitions, cross fading, layering, and so on? You do a great job overlaying the classical sound with the voice over. I think you should do that for all your voiceovers having the classical music playing in the background lending to better emotions from the sound. I thought the first transition from sound to voiceover was a bit long, you could put those two together and have them fade into one another. 
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement? Clean up your first transition (not pause so long in the sound) and fade quickly into the other song. 
  • To what extent does the sound object tell the same narrative or make the same argument as the rest of the portfolio? The voiceover tells the same narrative so it puts the user in the same time and place of the text object in the script. Also, the classical Chinese music helps direct the narratives location so you can visualize the characters and location. The sounds from the fighting segment with the sound effects was great and adds to your original narrative. 
  • How does sound function in relation to other means of signification? If there is am imbalance, what suggestions do you have? The into gets you pumped and leaves you with the voiceover into classical music so you might want to fade those to together better,  to not create an imbalance between the two. But other than that, it sounded good and related to your storyline. 

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