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Jenna's feedback for Remi - Sound

Page history last edited by Jenna Lovato 6 years, 4 months ago
  • What story does the sound tell?
    • what kind of emotion is conveyed by the sound object?
      • Stories of successful entrepreneurs from/in Africa. Different sort of feel from the rest of the portfolio - not so much inspirational as...educatonal? 
  • How do different sound or audio qualities enhance or detract from the story? 
    • Good choices of music and tempo for the story, and  I really like the open and close to the piece. The interviews seemed interesting, but were a little hard to focus on (not sure why at this point). Many of the sound bytes you chose were good, but didn't always adhere to that "inspirational" feel you had in the rest of your portfolio.
  • To what extent is the sound object successful in its use of transitions, cross fading, layering, and so on?
    • Good idea using an open and close for the object. transitions were a little rough at times, and volume varied sometimes from person to person. music levels were great throughout.
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement?
    • Possibly cut down on the number of interviewees, I think you could focus on a few (and tell their stories in the same time period) than the whole group you have in the rest of your portfolio. I had a hard time keeping up with who was who. 
  • To what extent does the sound object tell the same narrative or make the same argument as the rest of the portfolio?
    • Tells the story pretty well as the rest of the portfolio, but with a slightly different angle. A little more documentary style this time around.
  • How does sound function in relation to other means of signification? If there is am imbalance, what suggestions do you have?
    • There is a bit of an imbalance with reliance on interviews, which I know that you know already. I noticed there were already some natural sounds in some of the interviews already, and I think that you'd be able to create some to give the rest of the speakers some depth/background and insert them into somewhere concrete (if that makes sense). Radio news packages do a really good jobs of being able to paint a picture using natural sounds, much like radio dramas and some commercials use sound effects. Maybe think of this like a mixture of the two. Place your speakers in a noisy cafe or speaking at a conference using sound effects.

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