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Jenna's feedback for Katie - Sound

Page history last edited by Jenna Lovato 6 years, 4 months ago
  • What story does the sound tell?
    • what kind of emotion is conveyed by the sound object?
      • Definitely captured the spirit of the game. Intense, up until the end when the Jets lose. 
  • How do different sound or audio qualities enhance or detract from the story? 
    • Tone was set very well from the start, good choices in underlying music and quotes, all the natural sounds and effects really added up to make one feel they were there.
  • To what extent is the sound object successful in its use of transitions, cross fading, layering, and so on?
    • Good use of layering once into the game portion, transitions could be smoother between major sections
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement?
    • A smoother transition from the end of the game to the "aftermath" of defeat. Also there were a couple of slightly off cuts in the commentary during the game and a few other small glitches. Could be shorter on its own, would be fine if accompanied by some visuals. 
  • To what extent does the sound object tell the same narrative or make the same argument as the rest of the portfolio?
      • Tells the same narrative of a great, hopeful start of this team to a saddened loss. Differs from v1 of the text object, but I know you changed course. 
  • How does sound function in relation to other means of signification? If there is am imbalance, what suggestions do you have?
    • Relied pretty heavily on speech during the first half (the speech). Once it got to the commentary over the game I didn't really even focus on it because it blended well and fit in with the rest of the atmosphere created. Maybe shorten the speech some?

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