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Carlos's Sound Object Feedback for Arianna

Page history last edited by Carlos Harleaux 6 years, 7 months ago
  • What story does the sound tell? The story sounds very theatrical, which fits the theme of a movie and it does sound like it could be a backdrop to a love story. I've never seen Moulin Rouge, so I'm not sure if these sounds are actually featured in the movie. But the sound is very cohesive and reminded me of a circus theme as well.  
    • what kind of emotion is conveyed by the sound object? The primary emotion I felt here was happiness. Love could also be taken from the sound object's tone as well. 
  • How do different sound or audio qualities enhance or detract from the story? The different forms and pitches of instrumentation bring a rich texture to the story and adds to it, without taking away anything. It has a very playful feel, similar to the dialog in the text object. 
  • To what extent is the sound object successful in its use of transitions, cross fading, layering, and so on? The transitions used here are very fluid and soft, much like the music used itself. The use of transitions is very successful here. 
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement? Maybe a few vocals with the music to really drive home the point and feeling of love. 
  • To what extent does the sound object tell the same narrative or make the same argument as the rest of the portfolio? I wouldn't be able to tell as quickly here what this object relates to, but when all pieces are put together, the sound object flows seamlessly with the rest of the portfolio. 
  • How does sound function in relation to other means of signification? If there is am imbalance, what suggestions do you have? I didn't pick up an imbalance here, as all of the sounds connected effortlessly. The sound brings a tone of calmness and whimsical thought.  

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