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Amir's Feedback for Trevor's image object

Page history last edited by aalabbas 6 years, 8 months ago

1.  Does it tell the story? What is the audience takeaway? Does it convey any emotion and if so, what?

Yes, it does tell a story. It tells 3 stories actually. The emotion is tangled in the setting displayed, and the fact that it's screenshots from the video game gives us the original feeling of the story. I think this is good.


2. Comment on the relationship between images and how they affect narrativity or argument?

The images seem to be taken from the video game, so the look and feel are appropriate to the so story. The narrativity is done through comics. 


3. To what extent is it successful in connecting to the rest of the portfolio?

It's successful as it keeps the original "video-gamish" theme to it, as done in the text object. The text object starts off with an intro similar to how its seen in video games, and the images in the image text carry on that.


4. What changes would you suggest (if any)?

Not much, maybe use less text in the comics. 


5. To what extent does the image object successfully use the signifying functions of images?

I think it executes the purpose of comics really well.


6. How do the other signifiers complement the image? Is the image primary?

The images are primary. The text in the comics add more depth to the images. Yet I felt that the text is too much maybe. Try using a different font and different background color for the comic bubbles. 


7. How well does the platform support the object?

I guess this means how the blog supports the object? Well the blog was used for the text object, and it is also used for the image object, so the medium is consistent and well executed.

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