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Kim's feedback for Trevor's text object

Page history last edited by kknight 6 years, 9 months ago

You have done a nice job contextualizing this for a reader unfamiliar with the two games you've chosen to "remix." The journal entries work well with the content and each character has a distinct voice. I get the sense that the story is unfinished. Don't forget that the next object (the image object) is not the next chapter in the story, but the same chapter told in image form instead. That said, if you wanted to revise the journals to reflect the entire story arc, that would be fine. Or you can leave it as is. Either way, consider revising the interface to the journal entries so that the pages can be more easily viewed in sequence. There is an image gallery function native to Wordpress that might work for this or you can look for a slide show plugin. I look forward to reading the next version!

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