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Jamie feedback for Jessie text

Page history last edited by Jamie Field 6 years, 6 months ago

What do you think the story line is?


Gender, gender equality and identity. Difference between genders and what objects identify genders according to objects like past traditions and viewpoints, colors, clothing, appearance, hair etc. Through the text you create a storyline to inform the reader about gender equality from past to present.


Is there an obvious theme or argument? Are there any places where it is unclear or difficult to understand?


Yes, again gender equality. You are informing the reader about the issues of gender equality through past references of pictures, ads, colors, even videos to help prove your argument of objects or things that represent genders past and present.


No, your text is very clear and informative.


To what extent do the format and design support the content? Do you have any suggestions?


I love the overall design of your text. The way you engage the viewer brings the reader inot your text making your work personal. It also engages the reader to interact with your piece making it not only informative but fun. By asking questions and linking content to pictures, ads, and videos helps to engage the reader to the text, which also helps form your argument about gender equality.


To what extent does the piece successfully use the affordances of the medium?

The medium of your piece albeit, digital it went outside the normal realms of text on screen. Your successful use of links engage the reader to interact with your piece on a more personal level and read further into what you had to say. I felt it was an important aspect to make your text interactive to help prove your argument. The additional resources make the reader aware that gender equality is an important issue not only by reading it in your text, but also by reading it in other mediums like comments, pictures, videos etc and the ways in which it forms one's identity.


What was your favorite and / or least favorite part?


The links and questions you asked the reader was my favorite. I loved the picture of FDR and the question you asked the reader as to what gender is this person in the image. Your additional links provided the reader with further insight about the issues of assuming one's identity and gender.



Do you have any suggestions or ideas for still image, sound, or moving image?


I would love to see more regarding your argument about identity and gender- maybe do interviews and ask the same questions to presented in your text, add that to your site for additional resources as your moving image or even a game would really draw in my attention.



Any additional suggestions or questions?


The only additional comment I would give you is to double check your links in particular, the images and games tab. It would have been cool to have seen the games you came up for with identity and gender equality.

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