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Erika's Moving Image Feedback

Page history last edited by Kristin P 6 years, 8 months ago

How effective or transformative is the use of found footage or borrowed materials? In what ways can this be improved? Is proper attribution given?

Very effective -- great use of the video editing tools (especially the transparency option which enhanced the contrast of bright colors and sparkly scales).


What can be added or removed to improve the pacing or "flow" of the media object?

Nothing, I think the object is tightly structured without frivolous data so as to entertain the audience without confusing them. If something absolutely *must* be changed, maybe tweak the transparency of the fish footage in the foreground which sporadically blends in really well (I lost the fish for a sec) with the darker ocean background footage. If something just absolutely must be altered...


How does the moving image object convey meaning and how does it compare with the other media objects?

The moving image object, compared to the other objects, presents a lot more information to the audience, so the creator must be especially attentive in cultivating which data pieces to structure her piece. 


How do all of the media forms add to or diminish the finished object? In what ways does it make use of the unique affordances of moving image?

All of the media forms, in unison, preset Erika's concept in a multifaceted manner wherein audience members of different cerebral inclinations (penchant for sound theory versus vernacular analysis, for example) can arrive to Erika's overall concept by first embracing the Object which gels with them the most, then consult the other Objects to add dept to their initial understanding of the overall concept. 


What is your favorite thing about the moving image object?

Solid video editing! The opening and closing sequences were seamless, and the use of transparency enhanced the aesthetics of the video/story, which are paramount to the fish story to begin with!

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