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Andrew C's feedback for Shababa Sound

Page history last edited by Andrew Coman 7 years ago

If the sound object does not meet the length requirements (too long / too short), what suggestions do you have? Are sources given attribution?


yes the sound object meets the required length, it is copyrighted for educational use 



Is sound the primary means of signification? If not, how might this be improved?

yes, there are no words so the music and sound of the door and footsteps are what help you paint the picture in your head. i would like to see some different sounds thrown in there to pain a more detailed picture, i really like the music you used but would like more sound effects added in.



Does the sound object convey the same meaning or message as the text / image objects? If not, what suggestions do you have? Are there any seemingly unintentional variations in aesthetics?


yes i think the sound object does a great job of conveying the same meaning as the other message objects. 



Does it sound good? (transitions in remix / appropriated material? sound clean? minimal noise / static (unless purposefully meaningful)? sounds work well together? appropriate levels?


the overall quality of the sound is good, there are some moments where the sound is too quiet or there is no sound at all and that could be cleaned up a bit. make the sounds transition a little more smoothly other than that I like the quality. the pause is good to add suspension but try to clean it up just a little. 



What does the sound object convey when listened to on its own?


by itself it would be difficult to exactly understand what is going on, the music gives a good indication but it makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on. maybe more added sound effects or multiple voices even would help it stand alone better. 



What suggestions do you have? Both about this object as a solo piece, and in the context of the portfolio?


overall it is a great, I would just like to see multiple different sounds to almost create a more detailed picture. 



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