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Carey's Feedback for Bailey's Image Object

Page history last edited by Carey Chan 7 years, 1 month ago

Does the image object meet the minimum requirements? If not, how can it be expanded or condensed?

Yes there are 8 photos.


How does the medium influence the message for the image object? Does it convey a different meaning than the text object? 

From just the image object itself, it is a little difficult to grasp onto the overall message and story that it being conveyed. You would need to know the story firsthand or read the text object first in order to fully understand the image object.


To what extent is the image object successful in making meaning through image? If other signifying forms are present, how can they be better utilized?

The image object has many symbolic pictures that help draw your attention to what is trying to be told. It is pretty much a puzzle that you have to piece together in your head. 


How does the platform support or detract from the message? What suggestions do you have?

The platform of this image object only detracts from the message because there is not much connection or fluidity present in the object. It is something I guess you would have to look at the bigger picture, but even so it may be a little difficult. I would find someway to use peripheral cues to draw connection between each image to create a unity between all the photos to create the central message.


If the author is remixing or re-using, how does the appropriated material support the message? Is attribution given?


What advice or ideas do you have for the author on the sound and video pieces?

For the sound, definitely have ocean wave noises somewhere, because that of course is an essential to Poseidon. But I don't have much advice or ideas because you may already have something envisioned in your mind for them.


What do you like about this? What suggestions do you have for improvement?

I like how the first image Poseidon is referred as "Broseidon." It really plays on Poseidon's character that was in the text image. It brings out his radical side and a more relatable figure to connect with than the solemn deities from the mythological books themselves.


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