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Carrie L's feedback for Erika's still images

Page history last edited by Carrie Lackey 6 years, 10 months ago

Does the image object meet the minimum requirements? If not, how can it be expanded or condensed?




How does the medium influence the message for the image object? Does it convey a different meaning than the text object?


It provides a cohesive visual/nonverbal platform for understanding without oversimplifying or providing unnecessary explanations for each panel.


To what extent is the image object successful in making meaning through image? If other signifying forms are present, how can they be better utilized?


See above response.


How does the platform support or detract from the message? What suggestions do you have?


No suggestions. It sounds lazy, I know, but the hardcopy is amazing.


If the author is remixing or re-using, how does the appropriated material support the message? Is attribution given?


Not applicable.


What advice or ideas do you have for the author on the sound and video pieces?


Sound/video suggestions: I would consider using children-narrated voiceovers for at least one.


What do you like about this? What suggestions do you have for improvement?


The universal message appeals to both adults and children. The colors enhance and do not overshadow the message. Nicely done, Erika.



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