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Anna's Feedback for Billy's Image

Page history last edited by Anna Bayacal 6 years, 10 months ago

Does the image object meet the minimum requirements? If not, how can it be expanded or condensed?

-Yes it does, there are 8


How does the medium influence the message for the image object? Does it convey a different meaning than the text object?

-It definitely gives it a more comedic and cheerful tone, although it was already pretty lighthearted and comedic to begin with! It conveys a different meaning in the sense that it is more up to interpretation, and seeing the characters drawn out gives them more characteristics that would not be achieved by just text alone.


To what extent is the image object successful in making meaning through image? If other signifying forms are present, how can they be better utilized?

-It's a good complement to the story, but I think other signifiers can be used to make this object more effective! You can put more of the details in the panels.. for example, the peanut butter, the cause of death, etc. Try out adding little blurbs of text too, but maybe it's not necessary. You should for sure add more details though!


How does the platform support or detract from the message? What suggestions do you have?

-I guess the visuals detract from the message a bit.. I am more focused on their comedic appearances than the story, but I like the drawings!! I don't think you should change them. Just make sure to add more story elements rather than just presenting the characters themselves.


If the author is remixing or re-using, how does the appropriated material support the message? Is attribution given?

-None remixed or reused! Billy is just great at illustrating that he doesn't need help :) :)


What advice or ideas do you have for the author on the sound and video pieces?

-Since you're working with animals as characters, maybe you could do a radio show consisting of only their sounds! So Red talks, but all the other sounds are "oinks" and "woofs." I can see you making it really funny. You're great with this stuff!


What do you like about this? What suggestions do you have for improvement?

-I love the comedic effect of these drawings. Like I have said before, the only suggestions I have are to add more details pertaining to the story's progression. A little color wouldn't hurt, either! I do like that the different characters have different drawing styles and colors. It helps differentiate them, since there is an absence of words. Great job!


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