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Kim's feedback for Corinne's text object

Page history last edited by kknight 7 years, 1 month ago

I really like the way you built this into a sort of branched text. However, at 377 words, you are still quite a bit shy of the minimum requirement. Unless you did some hand coding on any of this? Otherwise it is too short. In terms of what is there, the layout and idea work quite well (though be sure to give attribution for any images you are using!). The one part that did not work that well for me as a reader was the "No" link that takes me to a "why?" page and a form to fill out. Can you frame this a bit more for the reader? Otherwise it feels a bit like you are demanding that I justify my position rather than inviting me into a dialogue. Be sure to carefully review the assignment sheet that specifies that a full length draft must be brought to the workshop or it will be counted as late.

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