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DJ's Feedback for Tiffany's Text

Page history last edited by Dale Wilkerson 7 years, 2 months ago

In what ways does the platform successfully support the message? How does it enable a new approach to the content?


The blog format suits the content well.  Small excerpts portraying the day to day trials and viewpoints of a parent are interesting in a live blog format.


How does the author's message relate to the original message? In what ways does the adaptation (character, plot development, voice etc) work with or against the intended message?


The format is a confessional not portraying a previous work, but putting perspective on relate-able issues.  Again, the blog format suits the content well. 


What is the tone of this piece? Who do you think the intended audience is?


The tone feels like self-realization.  Issues and concerns are brought forth with initial impression then analyzed for deeper understanding and realization.  

The intended audience seems to be already parents or aspiring ones.


How does text/language/code affect the message? In what ways is language appropriate or inappropriate for the content and environment?


The text comes from a personal standpoint and does a good job of portraying the author's stance and realization of topics that are covered.  The language suggests experience and learning through a parent/spouse point of view.


Does the text object meet the length requirements? If not, what can be added or subtracted?


Length requirement is met.  


What do you like about this? What suggestions do you have for improvement?


The color's are complimentary.  I would maybe change the formatting a bit, but that may be a limitation due to the medium.  A larger screen may be required as the text is rather small.


What advice or ideas do you have for the author for the image piece? sound or video?


The use of personal examples was interesting, I would focus on drawing from those materials. 




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