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Page history last edited by Christa Elias 7 years, 2 months ago

Booktype Review

by Christa Elias


Booktype is a free open source platform used to write, edit, print and publish books on any eReader such as iBook, Nook, Kindle and Lulu.com. Booktype allows people to work together to enhance the productivity of a eBook. Each person subscribed to Booktype is able to help edit other peoples work and using a live chat while doing so. Personal messages can be used throughout Booktype to ensure you get the privacy you want. 


Booktype also allows you to skip all the hassle in publishing a book such as licenses and other gimmicks that make it all the more complicated to be an author. An easy drag and drop feature is available at your convenience as well. Making it easier than ever to import your book to any eReader. 



Available for a free download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/booktype/files/Booktype-1.6.1/

Here's the catch, to get Booktype to actually work you need a domain name which isn't free.





Tips, tricks, and tutorials







What the Tool Does Well

From what I gathered throughout my experience I was able to conclude that it is easy for other members of Booktype to login and connect with you to edit your books. Other things that seemed like they worked well were uploading your book to a nook or kindle. I read through all of the comments and was able to conclude what were the harder obstacles and what were the easier ones.


What it Does Poorly

It was extremely hard for me to understand how to download the software. Once I finally figured that out I realized I had to enter in my credit card information to continue the process. I think instead of saying the software is FREE they need to include you need a domain name to get your books published. 


What happens when you...

It isn't actually free. Then again, what really is? To really understand the easy to use concept of Booktype you need to download Booktype Pro. Available here: http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/booktype/booktypepro 


Additional Resources

Screen shots of what Booktype looks like when logging in and other obstacles throughout the process or writing, editing and publishing an online book. 



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