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Page history last edited by Billy Simpson 6 years, 11 months ago


Billy Simpson





Billy knows a lot about a little and a little about a lot. Some accomplishments include, Lone Star EMMY & Telly Award winner for 'A Change in Degree' at UNT in Denton, National Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Iota, Top 5% views on LinkedIn among 200 million active members in 2012, stand-up comedy, and various other things. Career goal is to be a Technology Evangelist, like Guy Kawasaki, so that I might bring Apple back to evolutionary relevance for a third time.


Tool Reviews



How does digital text (language) convey meaning?

Digital text and written words are usually approached the same way for me, initially. Take Twitter for example, since there is a limit to how many characters you are allowed to incorporate you have to dumb down phrases and even spellings of words. I love alliteration because I would like to think I am a poetic person, but on Twitter I feel very inhibited in what I can say so that I can incorporate my own personality and vision. But most other platforms will allow me to write using my own voice.


Keyword terms thus far?

Important things or themes that I have learned about include a lot to do with the comic book literature that Scott MCCloud wrote. Not only is this a book that focuses on the art of writing comic books, but the art form of telling a story. It covered many aspects that related to film because of the establishing shots used in comic books. If I think about it the comic book strip is much like a storyboard a film.


Sound makes meaning...

Sound makes meaning through the different arrays of musical depth, tone, tempo, volume or level, texture and other things. Sound adds diversity and gives you more of a sense fo what is going on around you. You always hear about your mind palyaing tricks on you and youre hearing has a lot to do with this. I once had a frightening experience with what I thought was my sister carriying a bag of chips to the kitchen in the middle of the night but she was sound asleep in bed. Was this a ghost? AAAAAah!


How does sound affect digital textuality?

Sound is very much like image if you ask me. When reading McCloud we noticed that the imagination was activated more often when image was the focal point and text itself was secondary. I think the same holds true with sound and the way it leaves everything up to your imagination. Sounds are very useful in detecting harmful situations, and can affect you in a saving way. If you can hear it then you can make conceptions about distance, size, and other things. Feel like I'm rambling now but sound is very demonstrative.


What are the most important aspects of digital texuality?

Digital textuality can take many forms written text, sound, still image, and moving image. I have always felt that moving image and ultimately video capture the essence of all four with one work. The most important parts of digital text is the meaning it conveys in different senses.


Billy's Favorite Response

Favorite post Oct. 21, 2013



9/17: Flightpaths http://collection.eliterature.org/2/works/pullinger_flightpaths.html




First Versions



Final Versions - Compiled at www.digipigi.webs.com

  • Text
    • Revision: Changed entire narrative, removed characters, added new characters, changed the way the audience receives the message. 
  • Image
    • Incorporated more meaning by adding more elements to drawings. Including background to establish scene and symbols to clarify action. 
  • Sound
    • Inserted clear decipherable pauses in action to progress story from scene to scene, adjusted audio levels, and removed music at end to signify mourning rather than celebration.
  • Moving Image
    • Cut video down significantly from 3:21 to 2:46 by removing sequence at credits that had no bearing on plot and multiple other places to reduce length. 
  • Portfolio Paper 
    • Discusses how moving image is one of the most encompassing forms of digital textuality. 





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