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Misty's Moving Image Object Feedback for Sara M

Page history last edited by Misty Hawley 7 years, 3 months ago

What is the narrative or argument? How does the moving image object connect to the rest of the portfolio?


I think the slideshows are awesome. They're a great, quick way to get attention on a FB page and I don't think a lot of people do them for marketing purposes. I like that you made one of them personal and the others were informative. I feel like I got the information I needed quickly.


If appropriate material is used, is the source material cited? How does its use contribute to the narrative or argument? N/A


If there is interactivity, how does it affect the viewing experience? Not too much interactivity because Animoto advances for you, which in my mind, is a plus.


In what areas are the editing, text, and audio successful? Any suggestions?

I think it's all successful. The pictures were great and kept my attention and the music helped advance the ideas behind the slideshow. I liked the animation as well.


Who do you think the audience is for the moving image object?

The Proposal and Arboretum video make me think that the audience is UTD alumni. The Whoosh video makes me think new students. I'd hope alumni already know how to whoosh. 


In what ways does the object take advantage of the affordances of the medium? camera angles, shots, sound, focus, framing, lighting, composition, color, timing? Any specific notes?


I think it does a great job. You want fast paced information on social media. Quick Blurbs. I like the slides.

Is the title successful in guiding the viewer? Any suggestions?

Very succssful. I had a clear understanding of what each video was about.


General ideas, suggestions or feedback?


Maybe take out the Whoosh video. It won't really apply to alumni.

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