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Moving Image Feedback for Laura K by Alex L

Page history last edited by Alex Lazaris 7 years, 7 months ago

What parts of the moving image object engaged you?

I was drawn in by the running of the girls that was overlaid with Steve Job’s speech, it invoked an image of the cult-like fascination with apple products.


In what areas is the editing effective? In what areas might it need some improvement? Pay attention to transitions, camera angles, and the purposeful use of linear or non-linear elements. Are transitions distracting? Does this need transitions?

I think the transitions could have been more powerful as the jump cuts made the lack of action and Steve’s speech seem even more boring.


In what ways does sound or the absence of sound affect the narrative and quality?

The sound really tells the story for this piece as the visuals did not seem to match the over lying theme of the portfolio.


What story do you think this tells or argument does it make? How does it relate to the rest of the portfolio?

It relates to the rest of the portfolio as it is a Steve Jobs graduation speech.  I am not sure what the argument could be of this moving image object.


If using appropriated material, is attribution given? In what ways is the meaning of the original material changed or amplified by the new context?

The material is not attributed and can be easily attributed.  The speech by Steve Jobs was not amplified by the girls running.


If this doesn't have a title, what would you suggest? How does the current title guide the viewing experience?

There is no title to the piece and I think having a powerful title would put the girls running into context and make the video seem more whole.

How does the design of animated elements, titles, special effects etc. affect the viewing experience?

The jump cuts of the girls running to the steve jobs speech seem really out of place s jump cuts usually used for action and the speech is more slow and thought out.  I think that a fade transition would be better suited for this moving image object.


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