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Sencha Animator

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Sencha Animator Review

by Yukiko Jones


Desktop app to create HTML5/CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and modern mobile devices.




Sample Usage


Sencha Animator Demo:

Chicken animation

Healthy Choice CSS3 Ad







What the Tool Does Well

  • Easy to create animation without coding
  • Easy-to-use Timeline Magnify/Shrink control 
  • Fast export to HTML
  • Interactive settings 
  • Scenes can be linked
  • Objects/elements can be grouped/nested
  • Browser preview function 


What it Does Poorly

  • Only works with Webkit-based browsers including Safari and Chrome
  • Need some time to get used to the tool



Additional Resources


Sencha Animator Guided Tour


Sencha Blog: Sencha Animator Released


Sencha HTML5 Animator


Interactive Animations for Mobile - The 1-2-3 of Sencha Animator (YouTube video)


Sencha Animator Introduction video (for previous version but still good to understand the basics)



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