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Video Pad Tool Review

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Video Pad Review

by Doug Tyner


Video pad is a free tool, for use on Mac computers for non-commercial purposes, for video editing. It has a simple interface and Is similar to both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro in many ways. Out of the free tools I have tried to use I found this one to be very user friendly and the file size for the tool in not extremely large so it's a reasonably fast download.  



Free for non-commercial use. Download it here http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html 


Sample Usage

Include any sample media objects you made using this tool


What the Tool Does Well

The tool makes it really easy to make basic edits on videos.By this I mean that you can easily cut several videos together and do basic text overlays on transitions very easily.


It functions similarly to many popular video editing softwares as far as being able to drag and drop in clips, images, and sound clips.


It takes very little time to render clips.


It has a bunch of social share buttons.


It also allows you to record video very easily.  


What it Does Poorly

I found the lack of the blade tool to be the most frustrating part. Specifaclly that you don't seem to be able to cut your clips on the timeline.


I also found it very tough to delete clips once they are in the timeline.


I also found it hard to completely delete audio tracks, but it is very easy to turn their volume down to 0.  


Additional Resources

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqYOwJVne0 Here is a great tutorial by the people who made the software. 


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