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Switchcam Tool Review

Page history last edited by Misty Hawley 7 years, 3 months ago

 Switchcam Review

by Misty Hawley


Switchcam is an easy way to publish multi-camera videos of the same event. The application syncs the videos based upon sound recognition. Once the videos sync, Switchcam’s interactive player allows the viewer to “switch” between the different camera angles and choose which view they would like to watch from. Zero editing required.



Switchcam is free and available either at www.switchcam.com or through an iPhone App. An android app is not available yet.


Sample Usage


Set up a shoot and invite your camera crew to join. After your event, people upload their video.




Switchcam’s cloud based video engine automatically synchronizes and sequences videos based upon their content.




Once the videos are curated, the viewer decides how they want to watch the video.





Switchcam in Action


Josh Rio Skateboarding






My Switchcam Video-DJ Sober at UTD





What the Tool Does Well

  • Switchcam makes it easy to collect video and sync the clips
  •  Accepts wide range of video formats (Windows Media,, AIFF, AVI, DV, MOV, MP4, WAV, etc.)
  • Can schedule Music Shoots or General Shoots- Music: multiple videos from several sources using their audio or musicians can replace the audio with the soundboard audio from their actual live performance that will be overlayed on all the videos. General: (sporting events, weddings, conferences, etc.)
  • Can build a camera crew to help capture video and send messages to them before, during and after the event.Crew members don't have to have Switchcam accounts to submit video.
  • Can create chapters so viewers can not only switch between camera angles but between the different moments in the event
  • Can trim video in curation stage before publishing
  • Director decides which videos to use
  • User-friendly Switchcam Director dashboard
  • Can create a public page for your shoot
  • Can customize Switchcam player (colors, enable social, display setlist, etc)
  • iOS app that lets you join crews, search for shoots, upload video and see commentary from others working on the shoot.
  • Player is embeddable



What it Does Poorly

  • No Android App
  • Problems with multiple videos showing up in player. A lot of times, only the first video showed up.
  • Video upload maximum of <5GB
  • Can't create one edited video. Have to keep switching between angles.
  • Can't search for shoots using the website, only on iPhone app.
  • There is a fee to export to an editing software (Final Cut Pro) or to create a YouTube export of one video from all of the videos. Highlight: $95, Highlight & Export $299, Everything (analytics, custom player $995)
  • Doesn't work well with really short clips




Additional Resources


CrowdSync- mobile app that crowdsources videos from live events and facilitates on-the-fly viewing choices and social sharing. GPS and time metadata is automatically populated.

Vyclone-free iOS app, identifies related video using physical location via GPS, specific venues and overlaps in time.


Customized Switchcam Packages



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