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Montaj Review

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Montaj Review

by Ada L. Restrepo-Mahmoud






Montaj comes from the word“Montage” – The technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.

Montaj is an iPhone app that allows you to edit your iPhone videos with a simple shake of the wrist.It works by breaking your videos in five-second clips. When you have captured a bunch of short clips together on your phone you can then edit by creating a storyboard, select a song and add a filter (kind of like Instagram, but for video). Or you can just "shake it" (see my very rudimentary home video).

Montaj also enables you to trim clips, rearrange them, import new clips, change the song, or change the filter. Once the video is completed, you can share it via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.











Here is how they promote it:



And this is one of the videos on that shot:



And here is my rudimentary home-video:




  • The storyboard option is a great tool to view, organize and edit your shots.
  • If you can't decide on what clips or editing do, just "shake it". This shaking action gives you a new song, a new edit, and a new filter every time you shake.
  • Montaj videos are actually hosted via YouTube, and when you upload to that service, your videos are unlisted so that the app maintains your privacy until you choose to make your video public or share it with specific people. Or you can just send it to your camera roll.  



  • You can't change filters per each clip. One filter applies to all video. 
  • The video can only be saved as an .MOV.
  • It is compatible only with devices that run iOS 6 (they are working on an Android version and it is expected to launch in the second quarter). 
  • Because of the 5 seconds limit, it might get a little annoying because it cuts you right on the middle of a panning, for example.




Free on the App Store.



Sample Usage

Great for short, easy, quick videos.



Additional Resources



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