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Elite Prompter

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ELITE Prompter Review

by Ada L. Restrepo-Mahmoud




ELITE Prompter is a versatile teleprompter application for the iPad. It can be used as a stand-alone teleprompter or incorporate it with a wide range of teleprompter kits including podium and through-the-glass kits. But the app not only serves as a teleprompter since it also has Rich Text editor capabilities as well as a script manager.



  • Elite Prompter allows you to import your scripts from standard script program like Adobe Story, but ELITE Prompter also supports other file extensions like .FDX, .XAV, and .TXT. You can also import your script from Dropbox.
  • With this rich text editor, you can  create and edit your scripts directly within the Prompter. You can edit and style the script:
    • Apply font family and text size across your entire script
    • Apply font color and style (bold, underline, italics) to each individual word, sentence, and paragraph
    • Apply justification, indentation, bullet points, and enumeration to your sentences and paragraphs
  • There are over 100 speed increments for precise speed control. Speed can be changed using either the onscreen forward/backward buttons or the onscreen toggle slider, or using a wireless keyboard.
  • Supports video output to external monitor
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientation throughout
  • Mirror text (horizontal flip)
  • Cue points & teleprompter guide



  • Only available for iPads.



$9.99 on the App Store


Sample Usage

This is a great tool if you are working with low-budget scripted productions as well as with IPTV events.











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