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Lesley's Sound Feedback for Rashundra

Page history last edited by lahenderson 7 years, 7 months ago

How does the title interplay with the content?  I think the most resonant words in the piece are the last ones sung by the second narrator (the first being MLK).  Maybe think about titling it "Some Day" because of how those words tie in to the inheritance promised and yet still not delivered, which is key to your other media objects.  Another thing I really like is the use of ambiguity.  When MLK is speaking I can hear the second narrator but its so faint I can't tell if its a woman or child, or possibly even the voice of history summoned up from past cultures that were swept away in oppression.  During the second half, I loved that the second narrator is so much fainter.  It really draws the listener in and conveys a sense of fragility--you really feel the loss of MLK as a strong figurehead for the Civil Rights Movement.


To what degree does this piece have narrativity? What story / argument / emotion do you think this is trying to convey?  See above.


How does the format support the content?  I really like that you used your own voice for the second narrator, instead of a different sound clip or a famous person singing. 


What is the relationship between the sound object and the rest of the portfolio? See above regarding the promise of inheritance not yet delivered.


How has the theme of the portfolio evolved? Are there discernible variations in the theme?  The most prominent way I see the theme has evolved is in the way it draws the reader/viewer/listener in.  I don't feel like I'm looking at a media project.  Rather, I feel like I'm witnessing a personal account of culture, promise, and identity in relation to the forces of history and oppression.


If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they attributed properly?  What impact do the appropriated materials have on the overall object?  The title gives away the speaker and I feel that even without the title most listeners would recognize the speech.


General comments / suggestions / ideas for the next edit:  My only critique would be to rethink the title.  Too many changes might compromise the fragility, which touches the reader on an emotional level.



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