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Max's Sound Feedback for Tim

Page history last edited by Max 7 years, 8 months ago

How does the title interplay with the content?

     The title imbues the piece with a stronger sentiment about where it fits in the frame of the portfolio.


To what degree does this piece have narrativity? What story / argument / emotion do you think this is trying to convey?

     There's the narrative of the Sagan passage, which seems reasonable to recontextualize here as sort of authorial considerations.


How does the format support the content?

     Again, it seems to do a good job supporting the overall portfolio theme of authorship; the use of voice allows for a certain amount of ownership and embodiment of Sagan's words.


What is the relationship between the sound object and the rest of the portfolio?

     Using an author's words to (only slightly obliquely) look at writing relates heavily to the overarching theme of creation.

How has the theme of the portfolio evolved? Are there discernible variations in the theme?

     The theme has stayed relatively consistent. The primary variation here is in the use of outside materials.

If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they attributed properly?  What impact do the appropriated materials have on the overall object?

     The appropriated material is not audio, but is text that's visibly attributed. As previously stated, the use allows for an outside and articulate sentiment that can be well appropriated by the owner.


General comments / suggestions / ideas for the next object:

     Sound quality had a lot of crackles and felt like it was clipping at different points. The integration of self-produced music and appropriated works was really great, and seeing more integration across media might be neat.


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