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Courtney's Feedback for Eddie's Sound Object

Page history last edited by Courtney 7 years, 4 months ago

To what degree does this piece have narrativity? What story / argument / emotion do you think this is trying to convey?

I don't get an emotional resonance from this piece, though I think that could be easily altered with the addition of some layering. The music has a haunting melody, but I think the listener needs more to put that melody into an emotional or narrative context. Adding ambient sound could really change the mood. 

How does the format support the content?

The format is pretty bare bones, which make it a littler hard to place in context with your other objects. It might be interesting if you explored sound visualization with this piece. 

What is the relationship between the sound object and the rest of the portfolio?

In your previous objects, you reinterpreted other objects, first The Beatles song, then the Mars Volta album cover. So, it makes me think the move to create something brand new based on something is a natural evolution. This would also lead me to think that your final object should take this a step further.


General comments / suggestions / ideas for the next object:




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