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Diego Carpio's feedback for Rochelle's sound object

Page history last edited by Diego Carpio 7 years, 8 months ago

How could you change the technical quality of the sound object? (levels; ambient noise; is it peaking? lacks in sound quality that unintentionally affect meaning?)


The background music for the sound piece actually fit well with the narrative that was being displayed. The overlapping of the narrative was very effective. The level of the noise was appropriate for the most part just need to adjust some of the ambient noise to fit well with the sound object. The intention of the sound object is successful.


What emotional response / narrativity does the sound object evoke? Does this align with the title?


The emotional response I got from the piece is a sense of "pumped up" mode. It kept me very attentive while at the same listening to the narrative of the story. What I also obtained from the sound object is a sense of motivation in which the musical pieces were effective in portraying those emotions.


What contribution does the sound object make to the overall portfolio? What suggestions do you have for the author?


The sound object gives a gives an extra plus to the storyline behind the portfolio.


In what ways does the sound object have complexity? (layering; dimension; mastering) What could be added or fixed?


The layering of the music was successful in which it goes along with the narrative that is being displayed. What I feel that needs to be fixed is the transition of some of the music pieces which confused me a bit.  


Does the sound meet the length requirements? If not, what could be added or cut?


The sounds meets the length requirements but with adjustments in transitions, it can make the piece much more effective. An extra amount of amount of ambient sounds can also have effective. What would be really interesting if the narrative can be remixed so that it goes with the flow of the music. 


If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they cited? How do they amplify the original material?


Additional thoughts?

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