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Mandy's Feedback for Jake's Sound Object

Page history last edited by Mandy Sigman 7 years, 4 months ago

How could you change the technical quality of the sound object? (levels; ambient noise; is it peaking? lacks in sound quality that unintentionally affect meaning?)

There is nothing negative about the technical quality of the sound object. All the sound was created on a computer and nothing was prerecorded. The levels raised and lowered appropriately and fit the mood and feeling. The ambient noise was very nice at the beginning and helped develop a mood.


What emotional response/narrativity does the sound object evoke? Does this align with the title?

At the beginning, it sounds nice, soft, and pure. Then as the score continues it becomes more ominous and creepy. The sound object fits the narrative and portfolio. The title, "The Woods," is very fitting because it is supposed to be for a scene in the narrative where someone is walking through the woods. The feeling and title are relavent. 


What contribution does the sound object make to the overall portfolio? What suggestions do you have for the author?

The sound object adds a lot to the portfolio.


The sound object definitely contributes to the portfolio.

 Maybe some animal noises or natural nature noises you would hear in the woods would add to the scene created by the reader.


In what ways does the sound object have complexity? (layering; dimension; mastering) What could be added or fixed?

There are levels of complexity: ambient and a score. I love the two present layers. I would possibly add some more ambient or possibly some voice narrating something.


Does the sound meet the length requirements? If not, what could be added or cut?

The sound object meets the length requirement. I would like it to be a full two minutes just because it wouldn't hurt. I like it and it fits, continue the score just a little more.


If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they cited? How do they amplify the original material?

The sound material is original 


Additional thoughts?

I like it a lot.

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