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Aldrins feedback for Paul sound object

Page history last edited by AldrinTan 7 years, 8 months ago

How could you change the technical quality of the sound object? (levels; ambient noise; is it peaking? lacks in sound quality that unintentionally affect meaning?)


The sound quality is great.


What emotional response / narrativity does the sound object evoke? Does this align with the title?



The dialogue that accompanies original composition of the background really shows the real world interaction of instagram as well as the emphasizing the digital interaction that goes on which aligns perfectly with the title.


What contribution does the sound object make to the overall portfolio? What suggestions do you have for the author?


The audio piece highlights the interaction that goes on between the physical and digital community. I think the overall piece is fine on its own.


In what ways does the sound object have complexity? (layering; dimension; mastering) What could be added or fixed?


The contrast between the digital noises you use in your original composition layers well the real world dialogue showing the complexity of both the real and digital communities that make instagram so popular.


Does the sound meet the length requirements? If not, what could be added or cut?


Yes it does meet the required length.


If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they cited? How do they amplify the original material?


Additional thoughts?

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