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Kyle's sound review

Page history last edited by royalhighnuss@gmail.com 7 years, 4 months ago

How could you change the technical quality of the sound object? (levels; ambient noise; is it peaking? lacks in sound quality that unintentionally affect meaning?)


I feel that the over all quality of the sound object was great.  The only thing I had a problem with/couldn't hear was if there was a voice in the background whispering.  If there was it was inaudible.


What emotional response / narrativity does the sound object evoke? Does this align with the title?


Yes. The sound object sounded like the perfect background for the dreamlike/gloomy (grey and blue tint) pictures and the story talked about.


What contribution does the sound object make to the overall portfolio? What suggestions do you have for the author?


I feel that the sound object works perfectly with the text and visual objects.  The only thing I would suggest is if there is a whispering vocal, please turn up the gain (volume) a little more so that it is audible.


In what ways does the sound object have complexity? (layering; dimension; mastering) What could be added or fixed?


I could tell that there was multiple loops going in a DAW, and thought it was a very creative idea.


Does the sound meet the length requirements? If not, what could be added or cut?


Yes it did meet the sound length requirements.


If the sound object uses appropriated materials, are they cited? How do they amplify the original material?


I dont believe the used materials need to be cited as they are free loops given away with the software to be used in a non commercial way.  But list the vocal if it is from something.


Additional thoughts?


Good use of loops and leveling!!! :)


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