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Trey's Image Feedback for Hanh

Page history last edited by Trey Fallon 7 years, 8 months ago

Based on the addition of this object, I think the theme of your portfolio is:

The theme is how vision affects ones perception of the world around them. Each person has a different view of the world around them.


What narrative or argument is being expressed? and in what ways could that expression be clarified?

The argument being expressed is similar to the theme. It is showing how much vision impacts everyday life and also how each persons view of something can be different even if two people are looking at the same thing.


How is the medium (in)appropriate to express the content?

I think it is extremely appropriate because it lays out the story clearly and gives great examples of how vision can affect reality.


In what ways is the object successful in reaching its audience?

It is clear, understandable, and uses good illustrations and examples.


How could composition, color, focus, setting, character development, relationship between image and text, use of editing software, information aesthetics be used more successfully?

Maybe more detailed illustrations, but I liked how the images were done. I dont see a need to change them.


If the image object reuses or remixes, how does the object enhance the meaning of the source material? Or vice versa?

The images enhance the story because it helps the reader understand the story.


General comments / suggestions:

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