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Aldrin Image Feedback for Cynthia

Page history last edited by AldrinTan 7 years, 8 months ago

I think the story or argument of your image object is:


To show an appreciation, progression and the journey of the different kind of networks and how they have shaped you as a person.


If the images have been manipulated, how does that add to or detract from the source material?


Rendering the images black and white allows you to focus on the shapes, lines , and the implied portrait it creates. 



I think the intended audience is:


Art connoisseurs that understand the context of the source material used.



I think the portfolio theme is:


The progression of digital network.


Is the aesthetic of the piece successful? Why or why not?

The aesthetic of the piece is clear, you can see the implied portrait and theme of networks is clear.




In what ways is the image object successful or needing improvement in the use of: color or shading, composition, relationship between images (or images and other material), use of focus, or any medium-specific signifiers?


The scaling and the black and white rending of the chips/block blend in with the original painting. You can show more emphasis on the chips, add color or change the scaling.




Is the attribution of any borrowed material clear? How can it be improved?


Yes, I thinking keeping some of the color from the satellite image will make it more clear and distinct from pollocks painting.


Additional comments on this object or suggestions for the portfolio:



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