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Karla's Feedback for Harrison's Still Image Object

Page history last edited by KarlaYenelie 7 years, 8 months ago

I think the story or argument of your image object is:

(are there any areas that need clarification or elaboration?)

The remixing or re-imagining of images by breaking them down into their components and then rearranging their composition.

If we attempt to make a connection between the first piece and this piece, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that this conclusion would be reached.


If the images have been manipulated, how does that add to or detract from the source material?

The sorting of the input image into a color gradient gives the user/reader a new view of the image that they may not have payed attention to by looking at the source image alone, perhaps an understanding of tone and color usage in the image to present a story/mood.


I think the intended audience is:

In what ways is it successful or does it need improvement?

Students in this class, as well as people interested in open source means of photographical manipulation methods.

I'm not certain if this is posted elsewhere.


I think the portfolio theme is:

The breaking down of media into it's component parts to reveal something about the original object.


Is the aesthetic of the piece successful? Why or why not?

Yes. The piece is clean and easy to understand.


In what ways is the image object successful or needing improvement in the use of: color or shading, composition, relationship between images (or images and other material), use of focus, or any medium-specific signifiers?

As a coding piece it's user interface is clean and easy to follow. The results are represented in a way that is free of explanation. I feel this is a good choice, and allows the user to interpret what they wish from the resulting image.

I wonder what ways leaving some outlining of the image would do to the results, but I understand the choices made.


Is the attribution of any borrowed material clear? How can it be improved?

Because the user is the one submitting images, no attribution was needed.


Additional comments on this object or suggestions for the portfolio:

I think you should do something with the playlists we have cultivated throughout the past semester. This is just a suggestion.


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