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Hetal's feedback on Rachel's text object

Page history last edited by Hetal 7 years, 9 months ago

How does the medium complement or conflict with the content?

- Are you aware of any medium that may complement the content more successfully?

- How could the object better make use of the affordances of the medium?

I think the medium was appropriate for the content. Since Rachel's topic about influences of advertisements was wide it was important to gather content and information for her topic from around the web.


Who do you think is the intended audience for the text object?

- In what ways is the object successful in reaching its audience?

I think her intended audience can be any person who watches television or surfs web today. They all are influenced by the advertisements shown today. My only concern was the medim, pinterest. It is excellent medium but I am not sure about the statistic of people following pinterest. I think a medium with larger target audience will be ideal for the topic Rachel has chosen. I am a pinterest lover so personally I would still follow her board.


What theme or idea is being explored or expressed in this object?

- In what ways can it be further developed or explored?

The idea of advertisement was exploredand expressed, further development I told Rachel, is very wide. May be she can concentrate on the idea of few major pros and cons or advertisements, may be one example of all pros and cons can be evaluated in all mediums. I liked her topic and exploring and researching on this topic will be interesting.


- What unanswered questions do you have?

I am curious to know in what direction this project will be moving in coming weeks.


What do you think was the overall purpose of the text object, if any?

To create an awareness of advertisements and its effects


If the text object reuses or remixes, how does the text enhance the meaning of the source material? Or vice versa?


Where do you think this is going? What ideas would you like to see developed?

I think this text object was going towards describing the advertisements with cons and how it effects the audience. I would like to see its progress as to how it can be used as a better way so that it can be used to inspire and not demotivate people. I would like to see this project to be more specific and learn how it serves well it serves the audience.

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