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Lesley's Feedback for Oksana

Page history last edited by lahenderson 7 years, 9 months ago

How does the medium complement or conflict with the content?

I like that you've used a blog/website as a central place for your portfolio, but I would have liked to see more use of the digital medium.  Maybe think about taking some passages from the book you reference and feed them into a parody text generator to see what you get back.  Philosophically, the text is very successful but I'm not seeing it interact with the digital medium.

- Are you aware of any medium that may complement the content more successfully?  (see my above comment on the parody text generator)

- How could the object better make use of the affordances of the medium?  I'm not as familiar with WIX but maybe check to see if you can generate a word cloud or find a WIX plugin that will do that for you.


Who do you think is the intended audience for the text object?  Philosophical travelers.

- In what ways is the object successful in reaching its audience? It does a very good job of presenting musings in an accessible way.


What theme or idea is being explored or expressed in this object?  The use of travel as cultural catalyst.

- In what ways can it be further developed or explored?  I'm going to withhold my answer here because I think you will come up with something profound all on your own and I'd much rather see where you take the subject than try and influence its course myself.

- What unanswered questions do you have?  Not necessarily questions but I'd love to see you delve deeper into humanity's departure/arrival from analog society now that we are in the midst of the technological revolution. 


What do you think was the overall purpose of the text object, if any?  (see my first answer above)


If the text object reuses or remixes, how does the text enhance the meaning of the source material? Or vice versa?  I would love to see the text from the poetry book remixed.


Where do you think this is going? What ideas would you like to see developed?  (See above regarding humanity's arrival/departure in the digital revolution).  Overall, kudos for choosing an interesting and accessible subject.  The site also has the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing.  I can't wait to see where it goes next.  


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