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Misty's Text Review Feedback for Jonathan

Page history last edited by Misty Hawley 7 years, 6 months ago

What is unclear or confusing about the work?

I was a little confused at first because of the various blocks of text all moving at the same time. I wasn't sure if I should read the top lines in each block or read an entire block and move to the block beneath it. I had to think of the lyrics to the song to figure out how to read it.


Does this work reach the intended audience? Why or why not?

Who is the intended audience? All music lovers? I think the idea is cool. Anyone, who knows the song, should be able to follow this.


In what ways does this form support the content?

It gives it a new and interesting way to follow the lyrics. It's like the bouncing ball mentality. Mental stimulation makes it fun. 

What would you add or subtract from this work?

I would make it more pleasing visually. Add graphics. Change up the way the words move. Maybe edit the movement to the song.

What does the reader take away from this piece?

The takeaway for me was a fun way to read lyrics. For me, the more ways you can surprise me with the animation of the text and the graphics, the more I would enjoy it. I like to be surprised graphically. I must add that I also believe the graphics shouldn't take away from the lyrics.

*If adapting material, how does this work amplify or bring new perspective to the meaning of the source material?


If you wanted to do something really cool, mash up lyrics from various songs and build a love letter or something. It could be really cool, like a melody of songs.







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