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Mandy's Feedback for Cameron's Text Object

Page history last edited by Mandy Sigman 7 years, 9 months ago

What is unclear or confusing about the work?

It is distracting to see everyday tweets with other people in the middle of the story. I would like to focus on the story.


Does this work reach the intended audience? Why or why not?

The reading could reach the intended audience. The first tweet says, "Grownups disregard." However, I believe it could better reach the intended audience, children, if the story had it's own Twitter account. It does have it's hashtag #willow that works great, but it's own account would solidify a lot about the story. 


In what ways does this form support the content?

Twitter works great with telling a story, especially in the way a children's story is told. The different tweets are broken up perfectly, almost how someone would read it aloud. The hashtag also supports the contrasts of the story. 


What would you add or subtract from this work?

I would, like a said before, make a separate account for the story. You can tag you're Twitter account to either the end or the beginning of the story. This will allow you to be more creative with profile picture and a brief bio about the story.  I would also be nice to link elements into the tweets to add depth and give the readers more interactivity.


What does the reader take away from this piece?

The reader takes away a real time children's story. Which I am sure has a morale and reason to the story at the end. It is a great new way for children to interact with reading. 


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