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Feedback for Douglas

Page history last edited by Autumn Francis 7 years, 6 months ago

What is unclear or confusing about the work?


     What is the overall theme? It is easy to understand what the video is about but what is the purpose of the video? Is it to highlight common problems at drive thru windows?


Does this work reach the intended audience? Why or why not?

     That depends who the intended audience is. I found this video very entertaining and comical.


In what ways does this form support the content?


     This for supports the content very nicely, because when you go through drive thru's you tell the person what you want and then your order shows up on the screen. This video mimics the standard, emphasing common problems faced at drive thru windows.  


What would you add or subtract from this work?


     I think that the ending could use something, at least for me it ended to abruptly. Maybe just add a sigh at the end and a couple seconds of silence so that the viewer doesn't feel like the video is cut off. 


What does the reader take away from this piece?

     The reader takes away that McDonalds is a pain in the behind and they are reminded of all the problems they personally have had in the McDonalds drive thru. 


*If adapting material, how does this work amplify or bring new perspective to the meaning of the source material?







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