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Belinda's Feedback for Kyle

Page history last edited by Belinda Heliot 7 years, 9 months ago

What is unclear or confusing about the work?

     - a few confusing sentences

     - sentence fragments

     - misspellings, change in font size

     - ends abruptly with no explanation 


Does this work reach the intended audience? Why or why not?

     This can be somewhat understood by an educated audience


In what ways does this form support the content?

    It's presented in the classic style of a literary paper, which supports the linear style of the content


What would you add or subtract from this work?

     I would make it adhere more to standard spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, and complete the thoughts at the end (unless it was intended to be otherwise.)


What does the reader take away from this piece?

     The rich history behind Western language, especially in terms of the written form.

*If adapting material, how does this work amplify or bring new perspective to the meaning of the source material?






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