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Andrea Quinonez

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My name is Andrea Quinonez my twitter handle is @acq100020 .



Tool Reviews







First Versions


          I wanted the speech "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King to be demonstrated in a unique way making the words used exposed.


          I'm demonstrating  two sides of the world one full of luxury and the other the left overs of the civil war in El Salvador.


           I wanted to put together the calm and the storm assimilating both in a war setting.

         I included two great human rights fighters that where trying to make a changed in different parts of the world. Sadly both where persecuted and   killed for fighting for human rights.



Final Versions

  • Text: I perfected my word puzzle and went through the most important words that make up the speech. I also included a hidden sentence that once the word puzzle is completed the hidden sentence will appear " We all have a dream"I found that a word puzzle is a great way to demonstrate a speech making each word exposed. I will call my text word puzzle " The dissecting of I have a dream speech" where i went through the whole speech and accurately picked the best of the speech. Martin Luther King Jr speech is composed of 1409 words which make up an important part of human rights history around the world.
  • image: I blended two photos demonstrating a contrast between class status in society. The difference between the people who still struggle with the consequences of war and have to live surrounded with physical and emotional memories while others to fade from reality to a makeup luxurious life .I made it into a more cloudy image which makes it connect better with my idea of "fading from reality to a makeup life".
  • Sound: I wanted to make a sound which demonstrate the calm and the storm which represent the reality of war.Where reality of life is storm and makeup life is calm and when they clash not all of the people remain in the calm.I added more gun shots at the beginning but i also left both of the original audio.
  • Moving image: I wanted to put together two controversial characters in human right movements . I added footage of Martin Luther King Jr speech in Washington Dc and also footage of Monsenor Romero a priest who fought for human right in El Salvador. He is know as the voice of the poor just like Martin Luther King Jr is the voice of equal rights.
  • Final paper link


Free Writing:


It is computer generated literature , where we digitally work with social artifacts, sound , text , images and videos are studied.

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