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ZenWriter Review

by Karla Y. Muñoz


ZenWriter is foremost a productivity tool. It provides an open, clean, 'zen' environment for text writing/editing. It is the ideal typing environment for someone who enjoys minimalist note-taking environments. Alternative to 'traditional' programs such as Microsoft Office. Provides a few features instead of trying to provide every tool for every possible writing situation.


ZenWriter is a desktop application that sizes in at approximately 60mb. It was originally released in 2009. 



  • The app is Free, and may be downloaded straight from the Beenokle website
  • The software is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • Version 1.43 


Sample Usage

The program opens full screen.

Once you begin typing the interface removes all clutter.

Spell Check

"Dark" version



What the Tool Does Well

  • Removes distraction by opening in complete full screen
  • Comes with a customizable 'zen' background typing images
  • Re-sizeable textbox option 
  • Customizable wordcount, page number, etc. See as much information or as little as you need
  • Allows you to add or remove typing sounds
  • Offers five background music tracks
  • On demand spell check (not persistent)  
  • Not dependent on an internet connection
  • Makes good use of keyboard shortcuts, which allows the user to keep hands on keyboard continue typing


What it Does Poorly

  • Only allows copy/paste with keyboard commands
  • Only allows bold/italic/underline with keyboard shortcuts 
  • Does not have a ctrl + f search function
  • Limited to only five background music tracks. No customization.
    • You can go around this by dropping your music choices into the program's music directory
  • No undo option unless keyboard shortcut is used.
  • Some complaints about quality of spell check
  • Not a web application 
  • Not the best application for non-fiction or research heavy writing


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