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Max Peng

Page history last edited by Max Peng 7 years, 3 months ago


My name is Max Peng. My twitter handle is @maxxpenguin 

The best email to contact me is maxpeng7666@yahoo.com


I enjoy learning and practicing martial arts. I hope to be a certified Taekwondo Master in a few years. I want to be a personal body guard, looks fun. 


Tool Reviews









First Versions


Text/ image/ sound objects are on Tumblr. 



Moving object- 





Final Versions

Include a brief explanation of what you revised.


Text object- Harold Vs. Kumar: MARIJUANA BAD! GOOD?

http://storify.com/maxpenguin/harold-and-kumar-on-the-topic-of-marijuana - I created a Story on Storify. Instead of my first version of writing a Story about Harold and Kumar, I had changed it into a Dialogue between the two characters after watching short clip on the controversial topic legalization of Marijuana in the United States. 


Still image- Don't Judge a Book by its Cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUt2rAvBksc


http://www.youtube.com/edit?feature=vm-privacy&ns=1&video_id=TUt2rAvBksc - The first still image I did was the comic strip of my narrative of Harold and Kumar. To have a sense of message, I decided to change the route of my project to have a message. Presidents throughout the past as always been our symbols and icons despite their positive views on marijuana.


Sound Object- RelaxNChill

I basically compressed the short theme song and took out all the random beats. I also tried to make the transition better from verse to verse making it smoother. I already had the "Bob Marley" feel with a few raegae loops and manually used different instruments to make chords. 



Moving Object- A Free... Style in Zion


I did a free style rap with my buddy and made a new and improved shorter music video. 

I created a music video, when i I was in Austin, of friends who are part of the marijuana culture. This short music video is of people who live under the influence on a daily basis as they are stemming their creativity through daily marijuana use while showing their form of self expression. I wanted to depict the lifestyle of the smokers and introduce the way of life that many of us have not experienced before. I wanted to capture the scenes of the current generation in relation to the trending culture of using marijuana as a daily recreational use.





What is Digital Text Portfolio Essay:


Max Peng



Digital Texuality


There are many ways to tell a story and to send a message; send a message; man’s early communication began on the walls of caves using hieroglyphics. From pictures, we created text, using characters and sounds to put together words to form different messages. Now we put text on a digital platform to form even more creative ways to tell a story and create a message. When I first enrolled in this course, I had believed that this course would teach me how to write online. Slowly realizing that this was the case, I began to create my stories and projects using much more than just text. The incorporation of sounds and images all together showed me how to create pieces in a totally new way. It’s not something that I hadn’t don’t before; however, the lesson that I gained from learning how to merge various media together was new to me.  


Digital Textuality is idea that we can take our creative ideas and find a way to transform and translate our message being conveyed through different kinds of medium. One of the most memorable projects I recall was when I took a book filled with QR codes, put it to our webcams which enabled digital words would come out so you could read the story in a new, fun, and enjoyable way. Someone not only had come up with this idea to just put words on paper or screen, but also ultimately discovered a new medium in which we could translate a story.


“In a society where the commodification of art has progressed apace with the aestheticization of the commodity, there has evolved a universal rhetoric of the aesthetic in which commerce and inspiration, profit and poetry, may rapturously entwine” (Page7, Victoria Vesna).



This is a combination of Technology and Art. Vesna believed that are is visible and believed that art that is visible to the eye is not merely enough. Today’s artists take technology and making their work interactive to the user. Art that appeals to our senses, that is more in touch with our reality, makes us question where reality stops and imagination begins. we are able to sense more emotion thus making us think, “Wow, is this really happening or is this even possible?”


Re-mixing is one example that works best for me. It does not involve stealing or copying someone else’s work. It is taking pre-created items to generate new concepts and messages that are separate from the original content. Everything that has been made by someone, whether it is tangible or not, had a starting point. Man created a wheel out of rock, and now we have a wheel that can be used in a multitude of ways.


“Functional information visualizations aim to convey a message or delineate patterns hidden in the represented data through metaphors that users can quickly understand, while aesthetic information visualizations are more concerned with presenting a subjective impression of a data set by eliciting a visceral or emotive response from the user.” (Pg 2, Gaviria). 


One artist Wafaa Bilal,wanted to raise awareness of terrorism and the suffrage of his people in Iraq. He created a space where people can come and shoot paintballs at him. A newly expressed form of art that contained physical interaction that people could not just see but emotionally feel a sense of his artistic expression. Bilal could have written a book or created a drawing, but instead he took his art to a new level.


Digital Text provides a deeper meaning behind the written messages. It makes a person feel they have been them absorbed into the art instead of Simply observing it. It is a concept similar to adding sound to versus making movies 3D where the viewer feels involved in the art. I believe this concept brings art and people together in a single realm.


“The interior world expresses itself in a way that in the “real” world can be changed. When it’s recorded, adapted, remixed currency of the ever-shifting currents of streams of information running through the networks we use to talk with on another”

(Miller, “In Through the Out Door: Sampling and the Creative Act” in Sound Unbound).


I see Digital Textuality as the new generation of artistic expression. Creators are continuously finding different ways to use technology as the medium and forming new art. This new art increases emotional appeal and interactivity away from conventional art.















Free Writing

Digital Text to me is work done through a media platform. That is read and written in a textual form to be viewed digitally using some technologic way. 


Art that is taken further re-mixed into a greater dynamic form. 



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